Grants to Faculty

Families of Rindge Avenue Upper Campus is excited to support your enrichment activities.  Please complete the Grant Request Form below and submit it to the principal of RAUC who will ensure that it reaches FRAUC for consideration.

What are some past ideas that have been granted funds?  In past years we have funded resources needed for the Raspberry Pi computer programing club and the Chill Snowboard Club.  In 2017 we paid for New York Times best selling author Marika McCoola to give a day of workshops to all 6th graders in which students learned how graphic novels were created and worked on their writing with the author of Baba Yaga’s Assistant.

FRAUC Grant Request Form

Once your grant has been approved by FRAUC, and you need to be reimbursed, use the Reimbursement Form below.  Download it, scan receipts and email it to both Deirdre.

Deirdre Logan (FRAUC Co-Chair, 2018-2019)