What’s going on at RAUC? How can I get involved?

Please contact Deirdre or John with FRAUC questions or to get involved over the summer.  We’d love to meet you!



Did you know that Families of RAUC raised over $20,000 this year to support student activities and scholarships?

Thank you to all who participated in our Washington D.C. Fundraiser last fall.  We were able to raise $5,300 that will go directly to 8th grade scholarships for their end of year trip.


  • Do you have graphic art skills?  Ms. Craven is looking for someone to redesign the school logo, incorporating the new core values.
  • Can you write a grant proposal?  There are many grants available to 501(c)3 organizations such as Families of RAUC.  Can you find, one and follow through on the grant writing process for us?  We’ll help you find them if necessary.
  • We value all input and look forward to YOU joining us in the fall to hear our speaker series, come listen and be part of our community and help where or whenever you can, if you can.

Contact Deirdre Logan (delogan@mit.edu) if you’re interested in getting more information or can help with one of the items above.


Coming soon – dates for 2018-2019 FRAUC Meetings and Events

Thank You RAUC Community.

Did you know that thanks to your generosity, last year Families of RAUC raised over $12,000 in scholarship monies to fund 32 RAUC 8th graders so that the all 8th graders can participate in their end of year trip to Washington D.C.

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